Trackside 12-sheet

Trackside 12-sheet panels create a strong visual impact and generate exposure to a captive audience.

Concourse 4-sheet

Concourse 4-sheet panels offer high visibility to customers. 

Broadview Banner

Broadview Banners located inside MTR trains can easily enhance visibility and exposure in the captive environment.

Escalator Crown

Escalator Crown panels can attract full attention of passengers using the MTR escalators throughout the entire system. The panels can be used from 6 to 24 consecutive format to boost your message.

Solus Panels

There are a large number of Solus Panels offering a good coverage, exposure and impact with a wide variety of sizes for your needs and budget.

Concourse 12-sheet

Concourse 12-sheet Panels offer advertisers to have a creative impact to their customers in high visibility locations.

6-sheet Bank

This innovative format can help generates maximum attention.

Concourse Formats
Station Buntings

Buntings help build up advertising messages and create higher impact.


Advertise on Balustrade with your attention-grabbing visuals to achieve exceptionally high impact.

Poster on Wall

Poster on Wall has flexibility of sizes and creates a strong visual impact as passengers move through the station.


Pillars are one of the features that offer high visibility, creativity and flexibility with 360 degrees available for decoration.

Floor Vision

Floor Vision creates a different advertising vision by differing from normal advertising.

Random Sticker

Advertisers can feature the advertisement in different size or shape to fit the target audience.


Displaying products in highly visible placed showcases in selected MTR stations to make passengers aspire to own it.

Platform Formats
Trackside Billboard

Trackside Billboard offers exceptional high impact and guaranteed exposure at high traffic stations.

Platform Screen Door with Trackside 12-sheet

You can fully customize the whole track with Platform Screen Door and the 12-sheet by your creative works to achieve maximized awareness and ad recall.

Solus Wall

Solus Wall allows room for flexibility and can combine with the additional Audio, Projection and Lighting effects.

Train Formats
Stickers on In-train Glass Panes

Advertisers are provided with high creativity and flexibility to put Stickers on In-train Glass Panes.

Train Body

Train Body advertising can create a strong visual impact to passengers at all stations along the selected train lines.

In-train Campaign

At your selected train lines you can capture your target audience with various stickers inside the train.

Wrap Around Saloon Window + Saloon Window Sticker

Advertisers are given high creativity at this attention-grabbing advertising space in MTR trains to maximize ad impact.

Stickers Next to Saloon Window

Stickers Next to Saloon Windows create close viewing proximity and flexibility for message delivery with different versions.

Train Door Stickers

Train Door Stickers allow room for creativity and flexibility when Interior and Exterior Stickers are applied.

Train Door Window Stickers

Train Door Window Stickers allow close viewing proximity to in-train passengers and also creates awareness of passengers on trackside at all stations along the selected train lines.

Other Formats

iCentre offers stickers, display cardboards and display showcases for full domination to deliver comprehensive advertisements reaching all MTR passengers including those not using the computer.

Power Zone

Applying a variety of FeatureAds at the Platform level - Pillars, Buntings, Posters on Wall, Platform Screen Doors, Bulkheads - together with PosterAds to create the highest impact and reach target audience at selected stations.

Station Domination

Reach your target audience at a selected station with a perfect match of FeatuerAds and PosterAds throughout all the areas. Your advertisements will definitely generate high ad recall.

Elevator Wrap Around

Advertising can wrap around Elevators to create the highest impact to all walks at MTR and pedestrians on the street.

Station Exterior Billboard

MTR advertising offers you a platform to reach not only MTR passengers, but everyone. Advertisers can display mega size billboards at Station entrances.

Station Exterior Wrap Around

Station Exteriors allow high creativity for you to be exceptionally eye-catching to the public.

Supernova Zone

Domination with Giant Poster on Wall, Pillars, Solus Panel and Hanging Banner / Floor Vision in the zone gives a prestige presentation

TV Ring Zone Domination

Strategically located at the 4 high-traffic MTR stations in Central, Causeway Bay, Mong Kok and TST, the TV Ring Zone Domination combines high quality audio and video systems with a mix of digital and feature ad formats to further enhance the creative flexibility and visual impact.

Digital Escalator Crown Bank

The Digital Escalator Crown Bank is equipped with 32" HD LCD Panels to create a high definition visual impact. This premium, innovative and creative communication platform uses digital technology for strategic highlights within a captive environment. It can accommodate animated ads, rotation of multiple visuals and image-flow executions. Also it provides quality audio effects and poster extensions to enhance creative flexibility and impact.

Digital Panel Zone

The brand new Digital Panel Zones are unveiled at two of MTR's highest traffic stations, Causeway Bay and Central stations. It comprises 2 or 3 pairs of 65" HD Digital Panel and Poster extension to create stunning impact and maximize brand awareness.

Multimedia Panel

The Multimedia Panel offers ultimate interactivity to advertising campaigns. It is equipped with pre-set programming, a 40" HD TV, audio system, LED buttons and Bluetooth device, allowing 19 hours a day non-stop broadcasting and display in Mong Kok and Causeway Bay stations.

Innovative Panel

The Innovative Panel is a multi-functional panel. It helps your campaign get standout and engage audiences from simple poster-on-wall to the multi-interactive functions including opinionator, card & samples dispenser.

e 4-sheet

e 4-sheet Package provides extensive coverage in the entire network of the MTR system. Leveraging the InterActiveAds’ lightbox panels with latest mobile technology, advertisers can enhance the interactivity with MTR passengers. The InterActiveAds can be easily identified by the special “InterActiveAds” tags installed on all lightbox panels of e Package.

e 12-sheet

e 12-sheet Package provides extensive coverage in the entire network of the MTR system. Leveraging the InterActiveAds’ lightbox panels with latest mobile technology, advertisers can enhance the interactivity with MTR passengers. The InterActiveAds can be easily identified by the special “InterActiveAds” tags installed on all lightbox panels of e Package.

Exhibition & Display
Exhibition Site

Advertisers may choose their targeted station to interact with MTR passengers for an effective two-way communication

Display Site

Display Sites allows stand alone displays of products, information and leaflet distribution as an effective medium for message delivery.

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