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Setting the Standard

We are the recognized market leader in the area for  having pioneered numerous ways and types of printing and production services since 1966.  

Today we are still the preferred partner for a large number of local and international brands and companies for the production of marketing visuals, displays and special events.  

We are a fully integrated visual display production service provider with facilities in Hong Kong and China providing services to accommodate projects of all sizes and scales.

To celebrate our 50th Anniversary milestone, we decided to rejuvenate our existing corporate identity with a brand new logo that reflexes our organization’s growth and dynamicity . 


We took our existing logo of the “screen printing man” which has been the core and our heritage since 1966, combining that with the S for Standard using colour spectrums from the traditional 4 colours in printing, CMYK, and RGB, the colours of light and of the digital age, we have a new logo that is both dynamic and relevant yet retains our heritage of that “little screen printing man setting the standard for all of us”.

Be one step ahead.

We have fully integrated production facilities in both Hong Kong and China.


Digital Graphics Group International (DGI)

– member since 2002

– only Asian representative

– presidency 2015

Asia Pacific Screen & Graphics Association (ASGA) 

– 1996 founding member and

– HKSAR representative Chairmanship 

– 98-99, 00-01 Mr. Thomas Chan

– 14-15 Miss. Monica Chan


– member since 1985

HK Caring Company

– Since 2002

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